Legit Check Air Dior Jordan 1

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Certified Rare Air

Air Dior Jordan 1 Legit Check With Sneaker Ltd. London

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On Saturday 5th December we held the live for draw for our first ever sneaker competition, the grail that is, The Air Dior Jordan 1.  

Again, a huge thank you to all that entered!  

Check out this Air Dior Jordan 1 legit check with Sneakersraffles.com & Sneaker Ltd in Gants hill London UK on Friday 4th December 2020, the day before the draw.

A little insight into why we produced this video…

We started sneakersraffles.com in September 2020, as the new “kid on the block” in the sneaker community people were skeptical of our sneakers and presence.  We approached some big names including Solesupplier.com and some Instagram influencers within the sneaker community to help with our launch, but they were unsure of the authenticy of our kicks and couldnt help with the launch this time unfortunately.  

Which was understandable with all the fakes being produced and how close they can be to the real thing.  So we thought what better way to show the world that they can trust us to deliver 100% authentic sneakers, with a legit check at one of Londons oldest and most trusted sneaker stores Sneakers Ltd. in Gants Hill London.  Iffy and his team at Sneakers Ltd. with 25+ years experience in the game, kindly sat down with us to show you what to look out for in fakes and to confirm the legitimacy of our Air Dior Jordan 1 sneakers we recently raffled and someone won for £24!!!! Only 4 slots/entries

This video was also to show, that if you slept on us, it wasn’t the time!

The Air Dior Jordan 1 is currently selling on StockX for around £7800 as of the time of this article, you did not want to miss our drop.  Watch out for the winners pics soon on the winner page.

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Check out the Air Dior Legit Check Video Here…👇🏼

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